Premium detailing
Please do not confuse us with other companies that offer mobile car wash services. We offer above-average restoration of the vehicle's aspect, beauty and finish.

Hand vs. Machine Washing:

Of course what might be obvious is only the tip of the iceberg when comparing hand washing to machine washing as there are numerous factors that should be considered. Machine washing, regardless of type, has the potential of ruining your vehicle’s finish. Paint is very fickle and fragile. Dirt left in the brushes or “brushless” fibers, the speed of the machines and their pressure will all impact your car’s finish and your car will be treated no differently than any other car. Depending on the strength of the soap used, a machine wash could leave your car clean, but without any protection whatsoever from the elements.

The latest technology: It is what defines and separates us from "them".

As with many other industries and lines of business, the detailing world typically makes small, incremental advances in technology as it evolves and adapts to meet the demands of the marketplace. Sometimes these small advances are simply to introduce a new product to the market (growth through new product introduction), and sometimes through product development we actually find ways to make an existing product better.

From our exclusive waterless formula, our lovebug removal compound to the tools and procedures, we are on the cutting edge of the industry.

The Detail Shop That Comes To You!

We are an EXCLUSIVE MOBILE DETAILING , a self-contained mobile auto detailing service that conveniently performs high quality detailing at your location. We serve the Naples area with our Exclusive auto detailing service with everything from daily drivers to million dollar classic and vintage cars .

If your vehicle's paint doesn't shine, we have the knowledge and skills to diagnose and correct the finish to restore a brilliant shine. If your interior needs help we will thoroughly clean it and leave it fresh and spotless. After your vehicle looks perfect we can then set you up on a regular maintenance program to keep it that way.

Our shop.

Our new shop is available for small jobs. We look forward to expanding in the near future.

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